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Website Design

Shilp InfoTech knows what it takes to create a successful website. But, unlike many other web design companies, we do understand that creativity alone is not enough. You can trust us to guide you in all aspects of website design and development.

We sit with the client to understand their requirements and provide excellent customized website design solutions.

Today's web user demands current information and a high degree of personalization. Busy companies need sites that they can update quickly and easily. Our goal is to satisfy these needs with affordable database modules that hold and serve up key web information.

At Shilp InfoTech we develop Website which can be Search Engine Optimized (Google, Yahoo etc).

Basic 5 pages custom websites starts from as little as $395

Based on the client’s requirements we suggest and deliver any of the following options

  • Corporate Website Design
  • Personal Web Design
  • Flash Web Design Add On
  • E-Commerce/Online Shopping Website design
  • CMS (Content Managed Systems)
  • Integration options like blog engine, photo gallery, shopping cart with the existing websites
Corporate Website Design

At Shilp InfoTech it is imperative that the website reflects the true image of an organization. We design not just great looking websites but also make sure they are easy to navigate.

Personal Web Design

At Shilp InfoTech we also design a personal website for individuals.


Flash Web Design Add On

When it comes to style, flash has the words and the groove to say it all. We help you present and express the essence of your organization with sleek animations and graphics.


E-Commerce/Online Shopping Website design

At Shilp InfoTech we design unique blend of E-commerce solutions for businesses, with easy to use Admin interface to add/manage products/categories advertise promotions, discounts, featured products etc


CMS (Content Managed Systems)

At Shilp InfoTech we develop CMS (Content Managed System) for businesses who always like to be in control of their contents and do not want to rely on expensive web designers to update contents of their website every now and then.

We provide easy to user Admin Interface to manage website contents, images, logo, menus etc

Based on the client’s requirements we suggest/provide any of the following options
Static Website design

  • Flash Website
  • E-Commerce/Online Shopping Website design
  • CMS
  • Integration options like blog engine, photo gallery, shopping cart with the existing websites

Integration options like blog engine, photo gallery, shopping cart with the existing websites

At Shilp InfoTech we provide Add ons like blog engine, photo gallery, shopping cart etc integrated with the existing websites.

As a part of service we will provide the following services

  • Domain registration and hosting package,
  • Site creativity,
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • Design,
  • Web pages creation,
  • Website programming,
  • Website pages integration,
  • Add ons like Shopping carts, Photo galleries, news feeds integration
  • Testing,
  • Maintenance & support, etc.
Web Applications

Whether you are a large company, with an already established client base, or a small start up business, looking to harness the mass potential of the Internet, Shilp InfoTech can provide you with a powerful, effective but most of all a cost effective web solution.

Whether it’s a small or large application, Shilp InfoTech has highly trained staff to deliver excellent web solution.
As a part of service we will perform the following tasks to achieve the optimal outcome:

  • Selection of optimal technologies
  • Wire frames,
  • System implementation,
  • Testing,
  • Maintenance & support,
  • System design documentation, help documentation, etc.


Desktop Applications

Some applications are meant to run/install on user computers, Shilp Infotech carefully chooses the right technology for the right platform.
We have all the great skills to design, develop, deploy and maintain desktop applications.
As a part of service we will perform the following tasks to achieve the optimal outcome:

  • Selection of optimal technologies to suit the platform
  •  Prototyping,
  •  System design,
  • Implementation process
  •  Testing,
  •  Maintenance & support,
  •  System design documentation, help documentation, etc.
Database design, development and optimization

Core to any good system is the proper database design. At Shilp Infotech we know what it takes to design a quality IT solution. We have dedicated database professionals who specialize in database design, development and optimization.
ShilpInfoTech's approach to designing and developing databases ensures that databases provide high levels of data integrity and normalization, while our open approach facilitates efficient and reliable integration with existing enterprise applications. All of this delivered using a development methodology, that provides our customers with clarity and predictability at all stages of the project and using a structured approach to usability and user-interface design, to make complex applications simple to use.
Choosing the right database for its intended application, designing the database to efficiently capture and retrieve data (while maintaining the integrity of the information) and tuning it to ensure high availability and robustness are the key components to database development.

As a part of service we provide the following services to achieve the optimal outcome:

  • Database design and optimisation,
  • Query design and optimisation,
  • Data Replication solution,
  • Enterprise level data migration solution,
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading between different database systems.
Data Migration

Since years, new database systems have evolved, what we have used few years, gradually becomes old and sometimes obsolete.

So, what do we do about all the data accumulated in the system?
How do we keep up to date with the latest database systems/technologies? Or How to migrate/move the existing data into other systems for further analysis?

No worries, Shilp Infotech can help, migrate your existing data from the legacy databases to the any other systems with 0.01% data tolerance policy.

We will undertake the following tasks to achieve the desired objective:

  • Extensive data analysis and gap analysis
  • Data modelling
  • Data cleansing
  • Develop comprehensive ETL processes (Extract, Transform and Load)

Shilp InfoTech expertise in designing ETL Processes- Data migrations packages to transfer data to and from different data repositories like Oracle, DB2, MS Access, Foxpro, Excel, Raw Files, MS SQL Server and many more.
Efficiency, robustness and detail logging are the crucial features of data migration and Shilp InfoTech takes these very seriously.

System Design and Integration

For a quality and robust product/solution, its utmost important to have a well architectured system design using the right development methodology and design pattern.

Shilp Infotech employs highly experienced solution and enterprise architects to provide a proper system design which well suits the problem domain.

We have integration architects who use best integration technologies to design and implement various integration systems.


Shilp Infotech works with companies hand in hand to provide consulting services/advices to achieve a desired outcome. Using our extensive experience, we thoroughly analyse the problem domain and recommend the desirable design, development, integration and deployment approaches as a part of service.

Domain Registration and Hosting

For any web sites or web applications it’s mandatory to have a domain registration and hosting.
Since years we have established strong links with domain registrars to reserve a domain for your website.
We have our own servers in Australian and U.S. data centres having their own service level agreements, 99.9% up time guarantee with redundancies in case of server/hardware failure
We offer following hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting (Linux and Windows),
  • Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting,
  • Dedicated Server Hosting,
  • Cloud based Hosting,
  • Rack Space in Australian data centres with 24 * 7 premises access.

Infrassist is our hosting partner, which provide domain registration and hosting services. 

Maintenance, Enhancement and Support

Companies have legacy systems, which could be using technologies too difficult to maintain, enhance or support.

No worries, Shilp Infotech have capacity, skills and resources to maintain any applications using any technologies. With a simple agreement/contract you give all your worries to Shilp Infotech.


IT Resourcing

Every company is different, some requires IT resources on their premises to develop an IT system while some companies are reluctant for undergo the hassle of managing and recruiting the right resources, buying the appropriate hardware, software licenses to design a system for their use.

At Shilp Infotech, companies have option for the following

  • Hire IT resources on their premises,
  • Out sourcing system development,
  • Hire offshore IT team working on their requirements,
  • Mix of On shore and Off shore development model,

Based on the companies requirements, budget and timeline, Shilp Infotech can provide either of the above solutions.
We have agreements with highly experienced professionals both on shore and off shore, ranging from 3 years to 14 years experience.

We basically use on shore-off shore model to cut down the development costs for various companies.
With this model, all the requirements gathering, system design, project management is done locally, i.e. on shore and development is outsource to highly experience off shore team. Using this approach cuts down the development costs to 50% without compromising on quality and time.

Mobile Applications

The popularity of mobile apps has continued to rise, as their usage has become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users. We have dedicated team of highly experienced Mobile apps and UX designers who have created world-class mobile solutions for companies from a range of industries. No matter, wether its a UI-Responsive mobile website application, phone gap based apps, native iOS or Andriod applications. We build it all.
How we do it? See below:

  • Meet the client and understand the app idea
  • UX designers create fresh design,
  • Devs code brilliant app,
  • QAs perform ruthless tests with zero percent error tolerance,
  • We release mobile app on App Store and Google Play
Big Data Analysis and Setup

Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information. We have dedicated team of highly experienced big data Analysts and developers creating smart big data solutions like data scaping, scanning, understanding target audience need, patterns etc.