> Asset Management   > Government
> Tele-Communication   > Advertising and Marketing
> HR, CMS and CRM   > Data Management
> Financial Services and Banking   > Printing
> Automotive   > Surveying
> Travel and Logistics   > Medical
> E-Commerce   > Miscellaneous
Asset Management
  • Online equipments hiring, tracking and reporting system
  • Online Asset management system
  • Asset management system for data capture on mobile applications (like PDAs) which can record assets, inspections etc on spatial maps and geometries offline and synchronizing with the central data store when online.
  •  Fully customizable reporting system with the ability to design/create reports
  •  Two-way synchronization between mobile application (like PDAs) and the central data store.


  • Online service finder application with two-way SMS communication capability
  • Cisco Call Manager Product ® Integration
  •  SMS O' Mania
  •  SMS Feedback
  •  SMS Night-Club Ale and Contact Management System.


  • Automated Time and Activity tracking system based on user activity on PCs
  • Online system to allocate user activities, time against clients and can generate invoices and timesheet data.
  •  Human Resource Management System
  •  Content Management System
  •  Customer Relationship Management System


Financial Services and Banking
  • Loan Product Comparator
  •  Loan Processing and Variation System
  •  Payment and Commission Brokerage System
  •  Payment Processing and Banking System
  •  Workflow Initialisation and Management System
  •  Commissioning System.


  • Multi-lingual Global Automobile Product Comparison and Planning System
  •  Dealer Management System (DMS)
  •  Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Validation and Matching System.


Travel and Logistics
  • Travel Ticketing System
  •  Travel Commissioning System
  •  Logistics Container Management System
  •  Logistics Billing and Payment System.


  • Online Shopping  for several small to medium scale companies
  •  Payment Gateway Integration System like Paypal, Paymate, World Pay, Westpac and Bendigo bank


  • Tracking and Auditing System
  •  Identity Management System.


Advertising and Marketing
  • Email Marketing System
  •  Lead Generator 
  •  Sales Management System.


Data Management
  • Automotive data migration packages - ETL Processes 
  •  Auditing data migration packages - ETL Processes 
  •  Sales data migration packages - ETL Processes
  •  Travel data migration packages - ETL Processes
  •  Logistics data migration packages - ETL Processes
  •  Telephone directory data migration packages - ETL Processes
  •  Banking data migration packages - ETL Processes
  •  Workflow historical data migration packages - ETL Processes 


  • SMART Ordering and Inventory System
  •  Online VCard Builder and Ordering System.


  • Online medical surveying application
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) – Internet Survey Management System
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) - Reporting System.


  • Clinical e-Audit desktop application
  • Inventory and Invoicing System for Medicines and Medical Instruments
  • Annual Maintenance Service Contract System (AMC) for Medical Equipments.


  •  Automated PDF, Excel Report Generator - Windows Service
  •  Automated Email System - Windows Service
  •  E-Shopping System.